The first truth in how to find your soulmate is to understand the nature of a soulmate.

It’s strange but most people don’t really sit down to figure out what a soulmate really is.

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Many people are running around try to find a soulmate, thinking they will automatically feel their soulmate, simply by how effortless it will be or by the intense connection they will feel.

Well this isn’t how to find your soulmate and not true at all.

Unfortunately our biology will often trick us into feeling a person is the soulmate by focusing you in on the mate aspects of a relationship.

Our species does desire to continue onward and as a result biological chemistry can really blind two people into falling into love for a shorter relationship for purposes of having children.

Additionally, relationships with soulmates are still a relationship. A soulmate relationship might have fewer problems than most relationships, but even a soulmate relationship will have its challenges.

So if you haven’t read an Understanding Soul Companions yet, then please read about what makes a soul-mate “your” soul-mate first.At different points of life we look for different attributes to compliment us .A soulmate is more than just physical chemistry, it includes mind (our stories) and spiritual (our flow) chemistry also.However, in the beginning of many relationships physical chemistry does tend to have the most powerful vote of the three aspects of our nature.Sadly physical chemistry is only enough to get two people 7 years along in their relationship (Hence the 7 year itch).To make the distance of 20 or more years you truly need mind, body and spirit all to agree on the chemistry.